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A Philadelphia Math Enrichment Program

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Root2Success?

Root2Success (R2S) is a virtual math enrichment program that facilitates free and accessible math instruction and tutoring to any middle school students that attend a Philadelphia public or charter school.

Who can participate as a student in Root2Success?

Any middle school student that attends a public or charter school in the Philadelphia area is welcome to register!

What if I would like to join Root2Success as a high school student?

High school students are encouraged to apply to any of our four teams. The registration link can be found under the Apply page. 

What would my commitment be as a student?

The only requirement for students is to attend one hour-long virtual session every week. Students will have the opportunity to pick from one of two duplicate meetings to attend. There is no work given that is intended to be completed outside of session times. 

How can I contact Root2Success?

The best way to contact us is by emailing the Root2Success team at Our Co-Presidents can also be contacted using their personal emails: Tino Karakousis at, and Aakash Jha at We will do our best to reply within 24 hours. 

What is the attendance policy for students?

We sincerely encourage students to try to attend all sessions as our curriculum builds upon past lessons. That being said, we of course understand absences due to unforeseen circumstances. Please, however, let us know if latenesses or absences will become consistent so that we can address the situation effectively.

How can I learn more about Root2Success?

Our website contains all of the essential information regarding the founding principles, operations, and infrastructure of this organization. Root2Success also has an Instagram presence, @root2successphilly, that also gives a description of the program. If you would still like additional details, please feel free to contact us through email (

I struggle with math. Should I still join?

Root2Success was designed for all eligible students, regardless of previous knowledge or skill in math. We have developed various support systems including one-on-one tutoring and optional practice problem sets with answer keys to aid student learning. Students are also encouraged to ask questions in sessions as our lessons are planned with additional time to incorporate them. 

How do the competitions work?

Our competitions are held every 1-2 months. Students will be placed into their teams and receive a problem set created by the Root2Success team with a certain amount of time to complete as many problems as possible. At the end of the duration, students will submit their answers which will be graded by the Root2Success team. Afterward, the scores are compiled and each student is individually emailed their results. Student results are private and are never shared with anyone other than the student in question.

When are sessions?

Sessions for the 2023-24 program have not been scheduled yet. Information will be released in August 2023 regarding these details.

For each group, the two meetings are duplicates of each other. This ensures that students have the option to choose which day to attend sessions. 

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